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Watch Texas Country Network FREE on Roku, AppleTV and FireTV.
Below are instructions on installing the TXCN app.....

Roku:  You Must Have A Roku TV or Remote.  Press the Home Button on the remote. Go to "Search Channels" and type in Texas Country Network.  Select the app once you find it and then select "Add Channel".  Select "OK"  to finish.  NOTE:  You will not find the channel on the "Roku Channel".



Amazon: You must have an Amazon Fire Stick Remote. Open the Amazon App Store on your device.  Go to "Search"  Type in Texas Country Network and then select it.  Start your download. When your download is complete, select Open to launch the app.

Apple TV: Open the App Store on Apple TV in the menu bar, go to "Search".  Type in Texas Country Network.  Choose the app and download it.  When your download is complete open the app.

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